Our Office

Our Office - where amazing things happen!

At Hibba Toys we work hard to ensure we bring you the best selection of high quality toys and gifts at the best prices.

Many of our toys are manufactured in the UK and our team researches our toys to ensure they meet UK and European safety standards.

12 years in business

Having been serving our customers for many years, we have to know what you want and we strive to bring you the best in our online toy store range.

Loved by customers

We have received fantastic feedback from our customers on our products as well as our customer care.

Work Space

Our Location

Address: The Beeches, 20 Ring Road, Leeds, LS17 8NJ

Phone: 0113 265 8318

Email: info@hibba.co.uk

Business Hours

Monday - Sunday 10am to 9pm

Saturday - 9am to 2pm

Sunday - Closed